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Carbon Neutral lifecycle


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Embodiment of exclusiveness


German manufactory


OEM-quality & mature platforms


15 years of trusted experience



Perfect For Individualists

Limited Production

Powerful Sound

German Quality

Enjoy an eco-radical driving experience + become an eco street fighter!


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One-off collector's editions

Exclusive Mobility

Sporty lifestyle / Weekend trips

Experience / safety events

Iconic taxi / transfer

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Stallion 8 Evolution


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Luxurious lifestyle

Elegant understatement

Classy comfort & lifestyle

VIP shuttles / Hotel fleets

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City Crawler

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Sportyness for rough weather

Perfect for snow

Mountain work & living


Mountain Crawler

Experience An Exciting Journey

You will be proud of driving innovative tech each and every mile!

Get the best of 3 worlds - Italian or German beauty, German engineering & Swabian passion.


Own a uniquely developed and passionately converted one-off = this is much more than an investment!


Imagine the best in driving pleasure & get your experience now!

References + Pushing Forward

We are now ready to lift this monstrous power to the next level!


1.) 260 kW/wheel = 1040 kW (start 2009)

Back in 2009 / 2010 when the big manufacturers were sleeping like an innocent child, we developed a beast in sheep's clothing. With over 500 hp combined in a delicate package, we presented an unbelievabe experience.

Eight years and many projects later, technology has radically improved and now is the time = knowing the secrets of this technology, combined with years of experience, we are able to push the limits even further!


2.) 520 hp = 4,1 sec = torque vectoring


Experience our passion with iconic and rare cars!


analyse the base model

Remember the movies "Back to the future? From a damaged barn find to a reborn electric beauty, this will be much more than just a conversion, as it will be completely rebuild and restored from the ground up (finish approx. mid-2019)!

Such a project takes time, knowledge and pure passion! You probably must be a bit crazy ... and yes - we are!


yes - passionate people

What To Expect

High-tech racing cells and individual configuration one-off developments.



Realistic range:

Maximum range:



200 kW / 265 e-hp   up to   750 kW / 1000 e-hp*

180 km/h   up to   > 250 km/h

150 km   up to   250 km**

350 km   up to   500 km**



* = electric horsepower & range (projected data) - usually with a plus-tolerance meaning more power/range in reality than stated here

** = max range is estimated in eco-mode, the realistic average is with an average driving cycle and very realistic in a day-to-day use but depends on the driving style, weather conditions, geographical conditions, age and condition of the drivetrain and batteries + your foot.

Special Technology

More Power, More Range, Less Weight

Ultra High Performance Battery Packs

We use top notch technology in batteries and innovative motors, depending the class of performance the customer wishes. Only technology that is proven, tested or we see a huge advantage for the application you request.
Our package of highly sophisticated battery technology combined with innovative drivetrain technology you don't get in a normal electric vehicle!



Artificial & Personalized Intelligence

Talk to your new buddy via our own and personalized app! We not only replaced the heart of the vehicle but also integrate a cutting edge soul into it. It is still in early stages but you will love to communicate with your car! A novelty in the market!

+444.444 € (project without tax)

VIP Membership

Exclusive Property Projects

From a car-safe in Germany to a Chalet for secret agent feeling in the Swiss Alps, we offer unique building projects in our VIP section for an even more emotional experience. Become a member with buying one of our vehicles.

+12 - 44 M. € (projects without tax)


Finest components + pure passion = ultra-rare experiences

Only pioneers get

It is all about you

You love

ultra-rare & newest experiences

built from a manufactory

Be among the first owners to experience a "hidden gem" and enjoy a "carbon-free" form of exclusive driving pleasure = you are probably as unique as the car!

live racy & carbon-neutral, love the experience and feel great

Release yourself from the stress of your daily life by taking over the control of  an ultra-rare "David against Goliath" with sportiness, style and joy.

high quality, limited investments & pure adrenaline

We encourage you to enjoy every second of your life - at least while driving - and become an ambassador by heart for a new experience in supercar driving!

You are probably as unique as our cars, so take charge of your life and feel the joy with our products!

We are engineers by heart - let us serve your needs and order now!

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