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Mark Fandrich - Eco Engineer

His background as a trained salesman, an engineering degree, intercultural exchange and communication in international projects and as a longtime student buddy, working experience in renewable energies (photovoltaics), project management and his love for networking, make him an open minded business man with a passion for new technologies. In 2009-2010 he was part of a big team from Stuttgart to achieve a place on the podium at a worldwide student competition for energy plus homes (Solar Decathlon Europe 2010). He made his hobby (renewables + EVs) his passion. Dedicated to help people and the planet. In his love for an exciting future, he is co-founder and organizer of the yearly TEDxStuttgart conference since 2011 and a longtime team member of an international impact investing conference in Central Switzerland.


"I want to change our future in the most positives ways!"

Developing The Sustainable Feasible

His goal is to push development to what is possible in 2019. He was shocked to see how old technology actually is, that we use in our lives. Technically much more is possible today. Some things will stay niche, others have the chance to thrive. We will only find out if we try and innovate.

The projects presented here are realistic and already doable - with an impactful nature.


"Let us excite your future!"


EV Manufactory

You love German Engineering & innovation from a committed team in an independent manufactory with over 10 years of experience? You are at the right place!

Driven by a passion for innovation, Mark Fandrich leads a small but independent automotive manufactory in the Stuttgart region - the automotive heart of Germany and the birthplace of the automobile.

We develop electric mobility (batteries, electronics, drivetrains and more) for the automotive industry (OEMs, suppliers, ...). Every project we do is top notch and at the forefront of innovation.


"A small & flexible team as in motorsports is the ideal configuration for successful projects."

Positive Impact

Every new product must be more efficient than its predecessor. But it is our aim to do much more! Every carbon footprint will be compensated. Additionally we support initatives who fight for nature.

Mark Fandrich also supports impact investing and impact projects in various ways.


A ton of green fun, robustness and easy to use  >>>  eco-luxury in style and in sync with nature!

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