Ultra durable & recyclable aluminum hull




Ultra efficient hull & powerful e-drives




Cargo bay for toys & equipment

3 Compact sizes

>> 4,00 m <<

>> 7,00 m <<

>> 10,00 m <<


Choose a catamaran or a V-hull


Perfect for trailers


Longlife robustness


Successful design heritage

A New Breed Of Electric Boats

Limited Production

Ultra Durable

Attractive Operating

Explore the silent power of electric thrust now + electrify your waters!



Sea-Rabbit  10.0 - Cat

Roomy & Tough Catamaran

>>> Yacht tenders <<<

10 m / 33 ft

122 kmh / 66 kn


Taxi service



Sea-Rabbit  10.0 - Glider

Interceptor / Cabin-Cruiser

Sea-Rabbit  7.0 - Cat

Futuristic Tender / Daycruiser

>>> Power yachts <<<

7 m / 23 ft

80 kmh / 44 kn

 Public / Group transport

Security <> search <> rescue

Shuttle services / tours

Highspeed transfer services

Sea-Rabbit  7.0 - Glider

Cabin Speeder / Daycruiser

Sea-Rabbit  4.0 - Cat


>>> Water-toys <<<

4 m / 13 ft

up to 66 kmh / 36 kn

Hotels & yachts


Camping / adventure

Quick reaction groups

Sea-Rabbit  4.0 - Glider


All These pictures are only examples of the design - nonetheless we are able to build similar sexy designs in aluminum with top-notch electric drives.

Experience An Exciting Journey

Racing heritage = proven innovations = futuristic package only

After converting boats from small to powerful and writing a lot of offers, we talked with a partner that there is a growing need in boats that show that they are different AND fun!

Let's talk about your needs today!

We only offer uniquely developed electric watercrafts that matches your needs & wishes.

Natural Habitats

Convincing qualities for the boat of your dreams!

Developed for your individual needs

We listen to you and focus on a suitable and reasonable range, speed & usability!

Safe & powerful = plug & play

Easy and almost failure-safe systems so you can concentrate on the thrilling experience!

You get a robust & storm-proof boat

Built for the toughest conditions, low-maintenance and therefore more ecological!

Beautiful wave-riding performance

Inspired by the fastest and most beautiful racing boats combined with innovative tech!

Recyclability + Low maintenance / low cost

After many decades, the aluminum hull and wooden deck is completely recyclable.

Transport optimized

The sizes are optimized for trailers and containers for easy transport and worldwide shipping!

Special Technology


More Power, More Range, Less Weight

Ultra High Performance Electric Drivetrains

We use top notch technology in batteries and innovative motors, depending the class of performance the customer wishes. Only technology that is proven, tested or we see a huge advantage for the application you request.
Our package of highly sophisticated battery technology combined with innovative drivetrain technology you don't get in a normal electric vehicle!

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