Code Of Ethics

Responsibility guidelines




We are standing for an ethical way of doing business

for humans & nature as good as we possibly can!

If you love high ethical standards - we would love to work with you, as we ...

  • ... are incorruptible & in accordance with law. If there is an issue - there will be a solution as well
  • ... tolerating different nationalities, gender, disabled people, religions and cultures because we are an international company
  • ... are free in our decision of continuing a conversation with an individual or not at any time, if the individual does not fit to our ethical or moral standards
  • ... where ideas are seen as a source of inspiration and suggestions for a better and more sustainable business are welcome
  • ... acting carefully and protect the private data of our customers as best as possible
  • ... are open minded and don't prejudice someone from their appearance
  • ... are fair, polite, objective and against discrimination of all sorts
  • ... share the same values and appreciate a good conversation among our small family
  • ... are working very hard to satisfy you - in our opinion this is the best marketing we can do.
  • ... enjoy the well-being of nature and animals in general and try to support this topic in our daily lives as best as possible
  • ... are living as responsibly as possible
  • ... are taking care of the other team members
  • ... offer help when help is needed

I Stand For Quality, Sustainability And Ethics With My Name!

"You can be assured that we are honest in every way as we stand for this project with our names, to give you an experience you want to enjoy every day!"

Mark Fandrich

Ethics also imply, that ...

  • ... instead of a huge organisation, you support a small team who is absolutely passionate about their work!
  • ... a big portion of the margin is reinvested into the development of new technologies and even better products - for you!
  • ... we may not be perfect but we are personally there for our customers - because we care!
  • ... an ethical use of our resources - not only conflict free but only resources with a clean origin - as clean as possible!

We Work On Our Values

Every Single Day